(608) 630-9130


831 East Johnson Street

madison, wi 53703

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Regular Hours:


Saturday & Sunday


Closed Monday & Tuesday

As we are a small shop, sometimes we must close 

for special events - 

please call or check our facebook for the most 

up-to-date happenings!




•handcrafted from locally sourced farm fresh ingredients


•light flaky crusts cradling fragrant, juicy fillings


•seasonal flavors tweaked for modern palates

Hello to all my most cherished pie people,
I have bittersweet news. This January marks five years of our little pie shop at 10 South Allen Street. After this Friday, we are moving to 831 East Johnson Street, the former location of Sophia’s Cafe and Bakery. Our current landlords have decided to turn our kitchen into a retail space at the end of our lease. We looked high and low for the perfect little shop which to nestle our butter loving selves into, and have found a new home at East Johnson. I am sad to have to leave behind our friends and Regent neighborhood which I adore beyond words, but I am nothing less than ecstatic at our new opportunity to make a home out of the former Sophia’s space. 

The new shop is the same humble pie maker working with the same local, natural ingredients to bring Madison the humble pies you have come to know and love.

I hope you will follow us over to our new location, and I look forward to serving you many, many more delicious pies. Please stay tuned for when we are ready to open our doors at our new location. I anticipate early December. 
Love, Jennifer

[we're brimming with pie-deas]

Inspired by her commitment to local food and sustainability, as well as Madison's abundant sources of delicious home grown flavor, owner, baker, and humble pie-maker Jennifer Mans is incredibly proud to be offering pies in Southern Wisconsin. 
Our pies are humble - simple, natural ingredients fill our made-from-scratch, buttery crusts. However, Humble is more than our name. It is the attitude we have toward our community, our beautiful planet and the people that we sell to and work with. We believe our actions should reflect this attitude and so we try to be grateful and careful in all our interactions.  

Available in nine sizes (extra large, free form slab pies; 9" family sized pies; large rustic tarts which serve 4; two man tarts--perfect for sharing; cupcake-sized petite pies; crescent shaped hand pies; four inch round, rustic pinch pies
; tiny pie bites;  and NFYTT or Not For Your Toaster Tarts), humble's tasty, tasty pies can go anywhere and do anything--weddings, birthday parties, corporate meetings, family dinners--pie looks good on everyone!

Humble is a small batch bakery and as such our case is filled daily with an ever-changing array of creative single serving pies. Please call the bakery at (608) 630-9130 or like us on facebook to discover what tempting treats we have waiting for you. Pro tip: You can also call ahead and we'll set aside your favorites!