Eating pie is reason enough to celebrate, but Humble’s pies are the modern alternative to fussy cakes whenever you make merry. Our pies combine cupcake-pretty with seasonal, farm fresh deliciousness.


Stacks of petite pies, inspired by your wedding design. Topped with fluffy creams and toasted meringues or filled with juicy fresh fruits, these chic little pies will leave you wondering why anyone ever serves cake.


People always smile when they see pie, but our jubilant party pies may cause them to giggle with delight.

Let us know when ordering a gift pie, and we will make sure it is pleasing to both the eyes and tummy!


Dependable, inspiring, well respected with a rich cultural history, impressive resume and classic good looks . . . pie is the ultimate goodwill ambassador.


●Please allow three weeks for us to prepare for parties and corporate events. For weddings, we need at least a month, but the sooner the better since weekends fill up so quickly. If you are on a tighter schedule, please contact us and we will try to accommodate you.

●We would love to set up a consultation so that we fully understand your event. We can also provide tastings to help you make flavor decisions.

●Delivery & set-up fee for special events is $50 within the Madison area. Additional costs may apply for areas outside of Madison. Individual pies and small orders can be delivered within the Madison area  for $10-15, based on mileage.

●There may be an additional charge for more elaborate designs. Please see our Pie Guide page for pricing and minimum order requirements. Prices are subject to change depending on availability—we source our ingredients from local farms and farmers markets, so fluctuations in their pricing affect our pie prices.


Petite Pies with Edible Sugar Flowers


Fondant Bride and Groom on Cream Petite Pies


Stacked Fruit Wedding Pie


To inquire about weddings or events, please call the shop at (608)630-9130 or book a time to discuss.