Seasonal pie flavors are pie flavors that you may order in a variety of sizes (see pie guide). Since we like to keep the case ever changing, interesting, and  seasonally significant based on farm availability, not all of our seasonal pie flavors are available in the case each day. For our daily menu, check the bar on the far right, like us on Facebook, and/or give us a call.  

All crusts are all butter crusts.

Gluten free crusts must be ordered in advance and most fillings may be ordered gluten free*.

Pictures of pies featured on our website are samples of what we have done in the past. If you are interested in a particular pie design, please let us know when ordering!


We offer individual-size pies in the case
 every day, while 9" traditional pies 
are to order (min. two days notice)

Our flavors in the case rotate weekly - 
please call or check our facebook 
for what flavors we are offering today!

We could talk about pie all day long, 
please call the store if there's 
anything you can't find an answer to here!


[seasonal flavors]

(psst...the season is winter)

these flavors are to-order

(mulled cider apple)

Classic spices fall in step with a local apple cider, wrapping apples in a blanket of seasonal comfort. A timeless flavor with a modern focus.

(lemon and grapefruit chess)

If ever there was a pie to get you through the winter, this would be it. Zippy lemon and grapefruit brighten this classic custard pie, while the whipped cream and gentle sprinkle of hibiscus petals make it a stunning addition to the table.

(sour cherry)

Tart Montmorency cherries wrapped up in a sweet (but not too sweet) & buttery cherry glaze.

(cardamom sweet potato)

Smooth sweet potato is swirled with cardamom (our favorite!) to create the creamiest filling for our flaky crusts. If you haven't tried this, you're already overdue for a forkful.

(alabama pecan)

Our gooey, buttery filling encases abundant toasted pecans to make this rich recipe straight out of a family Southern cookbook. Beloved by all who are fortunate enough to sneak a taste.

(blackberry and mulled wine)

Our homemade mulled wine, made with local wine and cider, adds a spiced sweetness to blackberries we've been saving especially for this seasonal favorite. The venn diagram of berry lovers and wine lovers meets wherever this pie is being shared!

(salted honey)

A classic chess pie dripping with local Gentle Breeze honey. A sprinkle of sea salt over top is what makes it truly irresistible.

(bourbon chocolate chess)

Rich Callebaut chocolate is swirled with Bulleit bourbon for a deep, complex flavor that chocolate lovers will delight in!


Each week we alternate between three of our best-selling savories (and sometimes a few others):

(chicken pot pasty)

Hand-pulled chicken tossed with a hearty mix of yukon gold potatoes, carrots, celery, leeks & green peas in a savory cream sauce.

(traditional beef & root vegetable pasty)

Not the least bit boring , our traditional pasty features ground sirloin & roasted root vegetables in an intensely flavored beef & herb gravy.

(roast beef pasty)

Filled with Boar's Head Londonport Roast Beef, local white cheddar, caramelized red onions & horseradish sauce.